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Bees for our gardens and Crops

Maple Buds


2015 03 27    garden maple blooming trees

“Our quality of life – and our future – depends on the many services that nature provides for free. Pollination is one of these services, so it is very worrying to learn that some of our top pollinators [bees] are at risk!” said Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

“In terms of global agricultural production volumes, 35 percent comes from crops that depend on pollinators, mainly insects. Out of the 124 main crops grown for global human consumption, 87 (70 percent) require insect pollination for seed  production.”

If all honey bees disappeared, it would be catastrophic for agriculture, as we know it, and we would certainly suffer grievously, but we would survive. Nevertheless, over time, other pollinators could, and would, take over all the tasks that the Jack-of-all-trades performs today. This would require profound changes in agriculture to meet these pollinators’ needs such as nesting habitat, diversity of crops, protection from pesticides and more. Fortunately, several groups of pollination experts are already exploring this issue and coming with alternatives.

metallic green bee, Andrena, bumble bee, leafcutter Megachile

If all honey bees disappeared, it would be catastrophic for agriculture, as we know it, and we would certainly suffer grievously, but we would survive. Nevertheless, over time, other pollinators could, and would, take over all the tasks that the Jack-of-all-trades performs today. This would require profound changes in agriculture to meet these pollinators’ needs such as nesting habitat, diversity of crops, protection from pesticides and more. Fortunately, several groups of pollination experts are already exploring this issue and coming with alternatives.

2015 02 14  Mexico Akumal sunrise 1
☀ In the morning as we see the light,☿ It gives us more strength till Night ☽

ufo shit

The bees work for Us Lets work for them

dog Pchyolka, a bee-dog. Ekaterina thinks that the dog with its smooth fur really looks like a bee

how to see the bug problem escalate


A Green Thing about White Flour

The standard American diet is a diet of chronic disease and death. Our food supply has been killing us slowly.  White flour has been killing you!

 gmo usa play  GMO Feeding Time
In 1910, the Federal District Court of Missouri declared bleached white flour unfit as human food . But, unfortunately,  according to H.W. Wiley, first chief of the Food and Drug Administration, the enforcement of this law was “halted through the political influence of the flour millers” and “no notice of violations has since been made by the FDA.” Mr. Wiley’s book “The History of a Crime Against the Pure Food Law” discusses this case. (Reference here)  Nowadays,  flour is made from wheat that is being treated with fungicides, pesticides, and insecticides from seedling to storage. Since then approximately 60 different chemicals have been approved to bleach flour.

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers

5 Secrets About White Flour That will Shock You

 1. Bleached Flour has no nutrients.

The manufacturers of white flour first remove the wheat seed’s bran, it’s 6 outer layers, and the germ which contains 76% of the vitamins and minerals. 97% of the dietary fiber is also lost.” It removes all Vitamin E, 50% of calcium, 70% phosphorus, iron, magnesium and B vitamins.

2.  Added Potassium Bromate

After removing all the layers, and nutrients, flour is bleached, preserved, and aged with chlorine dioxide. It is further whitened by adding chalk, alum, and ammonium carbonate to make it look and feel more appealing to the consumer. An anti-salting agent called sorbitan mono-saturate is added in the final stage.  Potassium bromate is also added to white flour.  It is very powerful oxidizer that damages cells. Bromate is considered a category 2B carcinogen (= possibly carcinogenic to humans) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).  Potassium bromate has been banned in most of developed countries in 1994 including all countries in European Union (chlorine, bromates, and peroxides in food is banned in the EU), UK, Canada

3.  White flour is a natural insecticide

Did you know that if an insect gets into the bag of white flour and starts eating it, that insect will die from consuming it? White flour is a natural insecticide because it kills any insect that attempts to live off of it. 

4.  Contains L-cysteine

This non essential amino acid is added to most conventional baked goods  to speed industrial processing. L-cysteine is found in the majority of pizza doughs, cookies, pastas, pastries and fast food buns.

It can be synthesized in a laboratory but  cheaper production methods include duck feathers and human hair.  Besides human hair, other sources of L-cysteine include chicken feathers, cow horns and petroleum byproducts.Most of the L-cysteine comes from China where there’s a history of poor regulation. It is disgusting and scary.

5. White flour contains diabetes-causing contaminant alloxan

White flour contains alloxan. It is what makes your bread look fresh and clean.  Studies show that alloxan destroys the beta cells of the pancreas. Alloxan’s harmful effects on the pancreas are so severe that the Textbook of Natural Medicine calls the chemical “a potent beta-cell toxin.” Unfortunately, knowing that alloxan is so toxic for your body, the FDA   still allows companies to use it when processing foods we ingest. Fortunately, studies have found that the effects of alloxan can be reversed with   vitamin E. According to Dr. Gary Null’s Clinicians Handbook of Natural Healing, vitamin E effectively protected lab rats from the harmful effects of administered alloxan.


Exposing The Global Elite they have internet with pics of us all over it I

“I think it’s absolutely essential that the public pay attention and get involved in expressing their view.”


★ If “They” Are not trellling you There is a Reason █

Uncover the absolutely shocking facts they don’t want you to know…

In this Natural News report, you’ll learn startling details that are 100% true, yet never mentioned in the mainstream media or by health authorities. Discover things like:

How the modern cancer industry is actually a medical cabal of criminal government, corporate and non-profit groups that have all agreed to suppress cancer cures and make sure cancer keeps worsening.

How modern chemotherapy chemicals are derived from the chemical weapon known as “mustard gas” used throughout World Wars I and II
Why 75% of physicians refuse to undergo chemotherapy (but they recommend it to their own patients).

Fact: Modern-day blood-thinning drugs are made from a combination of rat poison and pig intestines.

Fact: The former chairman of Bayer was found guilty of Nazi war crimes during the Nuremberg trials.
FDA-admitted fact: How prescription drugs kill one million Americans every decade.
How the 1910 “Flexner Report” initiated a century of suppression of natural cures (and endless profits for organized medicine).
Fact: Most diseases can be prevented or cured with minerals, but the medical establishment has criminalized any such claims.

The truth about a prominent psychiatric doctor who would remove patients’ teeth and other organs in order to “cure” them of mental disorders. He claims an 85 percent cure rate.

Fact: If you’re eating non-organic food, you’re probably eating Zyklon B, the chemical used by Hitler to gas Jews to death.

Fact: Water fluoridation chemicals have never been approved by the FDA. They remain a global medical “experiment.”

A hundred years ago, only 1 in 100,000 Americans had diabetes and heart attacks were a rarity. Pediatric cancer was almost non-existent. What changed?

The real truth about the FDA’s suppression of a known cancer cure.

How LIFE Magazine promoted sugar as a weight-loss aid, and JAMA promoted cigarettes as a way to increase your brain function.

How a long-time editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association was actually a quack and a fraudster. He also ran the AMA.

The truth about modern-day vaccines and where they really come from: Nazi medical experiments.

How the USDA sold out to corporate food interests while abandoning the nutritional needs of the American people.

… and many other facts that will open your eyes and blow your mind. All 25 facts are verified as true and backed up with sources and citations. This isn’t fiction! It’s hard-core truth about the food industry and why you need to know what you’re really eating.

and more photo facts here on this link

enjoy and share the facts :] from Life and …..

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Health is not GMO”s with monsanto

New research from Canada show that BT toxins are showing up in pregnant women, and low and behold – they are killing human embryo cells. 2014 is the year of the horse, but we’re not through beating this one to death.
more here

Fish in our waters Need Help :]

Fish in our waters Need Help :]

Please share, the Harper government has cut over $100-million related to water protection. Time to take back by investing in local control!   fish poster


click for larger picture     and share please :]

heres  one found in Chillawack  BCfish chilliwackyellowsalmon

Water travels the easy Route.. the fastest way down the hill.



The price of a litre of bottled water in B.C. is often higher than a litre of gasoline.

However, the price paid by the world’s largest bottled water company for taking 265 million litres of fresh water every year from a well in the Fraser Valley — not a cent.

Because of B.C.’s lack of groundwater regulation, Nestlé Waters Canada — a division of the multi-billion-dollar Switzerland-based Nestlé Group, the world’s largest food company — is not required to measure, report, or pay a penny for the millions of litres of water it draws from Hope and then sells across Western Canada.

According to the provincial Ministry of Environment, “B.C. is the only jurisdiction in Canada that doesn’t regulate groundwater use.”

“The province does not license groundwater, charge a rental for groundwater withdrawals or track how much bottled water companies are taking from wells,” said a Ministry of Environment spokesperson in an email to The Province.

This isn’t new. Critics have been calling for change for years now, saying the lack of groundwater regulation is just one outdated example from the century-old Water Act.

The Ministry of Environment has said they plan — in the 2014 legislature sitting — to introduce groundwater regulation with the proposed Water Sustainability Act, which would update and replace the existing Water Act, established in 1909. But experts note that successive governments have been talking about modernizing water for decades, but the issue keeps falling off the agenda.

water  bomb

USA notice…

Prevent Water Theft and Avoid Penalties: Be Sure Your Landscape Irrigation
System Is Properly Metered
As summer approaches, please take a moment to check your outside water connections for
landscape irrigation. If your system bypasses the meter, it has been installed illegally, and must
be corrected immediately.

A number of illegally connected irrigation systems were recently discovered during an audit and
field investigations by Utilities Department staff. We constantly monitor unusual losses of water
in order to locate and correct the problems before they impact the finances of the department,
and ultimately the water rates for all of us.

Unmetered water connections of any kind, whether intentional or accidental, are illegal and are
considered to be water theft. Illegal water use has a negative impact on all Township water
customers because they must bear the burden of additional costs. Because water theft can
cause such serious problems to the public water supply, it is considered to be a serious offense,
and can result in fines as well as civil or criminal prosecution.

Property owners, associations, tenants, or private contractors must help the Township prevent
water theft by making sure their systems are legally metered. If you are unsure whether your
water system is in compliance, please contact the Utilities office at 734-822-3105 for a free
inspection by the Utilities staff.

Your assistance in discouraging the illegal use of water is greatly appreciated, and will benefit all
of us who use the public water supply. Please contact the Utilities office at 734-822-3105 to
report any suspected illegal water activity.

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