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A dam good letter

The Dam Politics Gets a Dam good Reply.


Vancouver Changing 1931 Looking North from Vancouver

Vancouver Changing 1931  Looking North from Vancouver

Out with the old and in with the new and if that keeps up, Were going look like this, all the time and not just For a big Event >

v an awsum street party 1918. Image Courtesy of the Vancouver Archives.

Like the human fly Act “Over-Town” in Vancoucer With a awsum street party in 1918.

human Fly 1918

The Human Fly, Friday 1 November 1918

Harry Gardiner, aka “The Human Fly,” climbed 700 or so buildings in North America & Europe, unaided by any safety or climbing gear. Here he can be seen dangling from the fifth floor of the World Building (now the Sun Tower), with a huge throng of spectators packed in the street and on nearby rooftops.
completed in 1912, it was called the World Building and was the tallest building in the British Empire at 82 metres

the Sun Tower wascompleted in 1912, it was called the World Building and was the tallest building in the British Empire at 82 metres for its time.

My garden Donkey does the weeding

My garden Donkey does the weeding

Garden Art is a must in any garden to make it for extra color, and highlights.

A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping North And West Vancouver BC For 25 Years

Be on the Lookout for Giant Hogweed, an Invasive Plant in Connecticut

look up invasive weeds There is some all over Vancouver BC area.

I grew up in Lynn Valley in North Vancouver BC

 I grew up in Lynn Valley in North Vancouver BC

Lynn Valley is a place to look up if your in North Vancouver British Columbia

It’s got lots of history In logging and a Suspension Bridge and mountains, with hiking trails and A great place to live.

Suspension Bridge c 1915
Have a look at Facebook and type in Lynn Valley Love and enjoy all the pictures on this Facebook Group site

Now it is growing and they want High rises in the air 1999

Lynn Valley  North Vancouver B.C. Feb 10 2010

Lynn Valley Center With the Olympic Torch passing through in North Vancouver B.C. in February 2010

Smile and Wave a song to sing happiness.

Smile and Wave a song to sing happiness.

Here is some good pointers you may not want to do with the stuff in your wallet,
like the picture above with the guy swinging on the bosses bucket. Lost him and his buddy’s Job

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