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Angel’s trumpet, a poisonous plant popular with Metro Vancouver gardeners for its pungent scent.

Angel’s trumpet, a poisonous plant popular with Metro Vancouver gardeners for its pungent scent.

METRO VANCOUVER — BC Corrections plans to check the grounds of all its institutions for a commonly sold ornamental plant that contains hallucinogens after 12 inmates ate part of the plant to get high.

The inmates at the Alouette Correctional Centre for Women ate the seeds of angel’s trumpet, a plant popular with Metro Vancouver gardeners for its pungent scent and hanging trumpet-like white, pink, orange, green or red flowers.

The inmates were taken to hospital starting late Sunday for observation after one woman was seen to be hallucinating. They were all released back to custody by Monday morning.

The seeds were taken from angel’s trumpets growing as ornamental plants near Alouette’s medium security building, said Marnie Mayhew, director of programs and strategic services for BC Corrections.

She said BC Corrections has removed all the angel’s trumpet from Alouette and is checking on the other eight correctional centres in B.C. for it and any other “noxious plants.” She said it was the first time anything like this had ever occurred at Alouette.

“Despite available supports and strict protocols, people with addictions will take extraordinary measures in an attempt to become intoxicated,” Mayhew said in a statement.

Angel’s trumpet is sold at local garden stores. It has been known to survive for years in pots by spending the summers outside and then being cut down and taken indoors in the fall.

Angel’s trumpet, of the genus Brugmansia, contains two hallucinogens: scopolamine and hyoscyamine, the latter which is known to give sensations of flying. It is one of the ingredients in ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic brew that originated in South America.

Taking angel’s trumpet and similar substances is such an unpleasant experience, few people ever want to repeat it, said Dr. Roy Purssell, medical director of B.C.’s drug and poison information centre. The effects of angel’s trumpet can last an average of 16 hours.

“It is extremely unpleasant as far as an altered state of consciousness,” he said, referring to case histories. “They all look like that they wished this had not occurred to them. I think it’s the way their mental state gets altered in a way that’s really quite unpleasant.”

He couldn’t recall any examples of poisoning or overdosing from angel’s trumpet being reported to the B.C. drug and poison information centre. The usual way of ingesting angel’s trumpet is by brewing it like a tea, he said.

Angel’s trumpet is anticholinergic, which means it can cause acute drying of the user’s mouth and skin.

Concerned that reports of taking angel’s trumpet may lead to copycat cases among students, Dr. Purssell said one of its effects is complete loss of judgment. There have been reported deaths not from taking angel’s trumpet but from the reckless acts that people do while under its influence.

“They’re simply unable to assess the risks of what they’re doing and can do something very dangerous,” he said.

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In Canada We like to grow, and are told not to grow food?

In Canada We like to grow, and are told not to grow food?

The folks around here like to save money and test their home gardening ability, and it sounds like we got problems when the rule is that its a no no. Like the guy swinging on the bucket who lost his job? he was just having fun, But at what cost?
Like the saying don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time?
I have a 10 x 10 foot garden, and it is criminal too, I reckon, if somebody rats me out?

A Lantzville Couple’s Fight for the Right to Grow Food

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island garden

and here is Some laws and info on these garden laws,

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25 years Working on the North Shore
In North Vancouver And West Vancouver And the GVRD

A-Plus Lawn and Garden does it professionally, with all the Good tools and Experience that is needed.

From -Lawn care to Tree topping, Pruning trees and Shrubs & Trimming hedges. also paving stones Pathways and retaining walls.
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We are flushing out these energies….

We are flushing out these energies....

by Zen Gardner

The takeover of the earth’s energy grid being executed on our planet’s spiritual energy system by clearly malevolent forces has been in effect for eons. I am personally convinced that at this juncture in our timeline we are flushing out these energies with very powerful, positive ones and literally lighting up and pushing back the dark side by our spiritual realizations and directed energy efforts, whether done consciously or subconsciously.

The “current” manipulators have gone techno-mad in this arena, messing with the natural Shumann resonance of the planet and de-naturalizing anything they can via the massive man-made electromagnetic grid.

These spiritual parasites who intend only self serving destructive evil are quickly overcome when confronted with proactive truth energies from the awake and aware spirits of those who have overcome their influences, all of which influences are driven by irrational fear. I also contend there is an array of other energetic entities we thereby activate in other realms to perpetrate the same overcoming, but we are generally prevented from fully understanding them by the very nature of the structure of the Universe.

We have much to learn in this arena but it’s all contingent on our actions. Nothing’s coming to save humanity without humanity coming alive and activating for itself. Then maybe we can commandeer some supra-natural sympathetic energetic help to some degree, but not without serious commitment on each of our parts. They’re not the valiant rescuers you’d like to think. It’s way more metaphysically causal than that.

Shallow pleas and scared petitions, no matter how sincere, simply empower the Enemy and his negative energy grid with fear, helplessness and a sense of disempowerment.

We all have our experiences to draw upon. To the uninitiated this will sound a bit out there, but the parallel worlds around us are very much a reality in our lives. How much we learn about them is up to each of us. My take? Don’t fear it. Learn. The dark side does not dominate the Universe by any means. It has virtually mastered the fear trade, but that paradigm is getting blown to pieces more by the minute.

Wade in with wisdom. You might need help or more info from others more experienced.

I like the article below because it approaches a very real and tangible aspect of spirituality – the very energy grid of our wonderful home. Tap into it, reverse anything negative, and flush out and energize your part of the world. Energy workers are very familiar with this, but this reality needs to come into a greater consciousness in my opinion, which will in turn convert more energy devices like ourselves to contribute to the right grid after all!

Tesla did say, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Now we’re talking! Extrapolate that! We’re dealing with quite the realm around us! How exciting! It’s only taboo because they conditioned you against it. March on and claim the land!

secrets of the universe Spiral between heaven and earth

The Hyijacking

Much has been written on this subject and even more experienced. We simply need to be aware of this aspect of the parasitic attack on our planet and its species and learn how to reverse it. Enjoy this article about an informative, well researched book on the subject of energetic ley lines and their influence and how they’ve been adulterated and commandeered by the dark side.

As I said, we need to claim these channels and energy centers back. You may very well be near one or on one for yourself that you can utilize. Either way, you can send energy any way you want. Use it constructively.

Their invasive force is built on fear and intimidation, as well as luring the weak to supposedly share their “power” and so help push their weeny program. All lies, all deception, and never helpful to mankind, or beyond. We know better, and are “hands on deck”.

Let the wind fill your sails! – Zen

Ancient Energies of the Earth

David Cowan could be touching on the reality of how those who stole the ancient knowledge from us are able to control humanity by using and manipulating the natural and man-made earth ley energy system to their own ends.

Cowan’s book, Ancient Energies of the Earth, is a masterpiece of information exposing the existence of earth ley energies and their usage by the ancients for healing purposes, which should not only never be out of print; but should be compulsory reading for those interested in healing, the origins of standing stones and megaliths such as Stonehenge, the phenomenon of white and black energy spirals emanating from the earth and the most plausible explanation of the formation of crop circles.

Cowan has walked more than 3,000 miles over the hills of his native Perthshire, Scotland after stumbling upon an energy being emitted from a well known local standing stone. Cowan is a highly respected dowser, the kind of person who uses divining rods to find water, and whilst walking around this standing stone he found that his divining rods kept veering off in one particular direction, so he followed this ‘energy’. By following the direction the rods (he quickly resorted to using one) were pointing and with them constantly bringing him back on the track of the energy, he climbed up and over a hill, down the other side and found the energy guided him directly to another standing stone ! This astonishing discovery took Cowan on his epic of journeys on which he discovered and followed numerous energy lines, ‘leys’ connecting all kinds of standing stones, ancient buildings and sites.

He identified that some of these ley energy lines were natural and some were man made, deliberately made to send the leys through the houses, now called ‘shielings’ or ruins, of the ancients for healing purposes. By striking a large stone and hence making ‘cup marks’ (indents) into it the stone begins emitting energy, because unlike when you energise a ball by throwing it and it stops when it runs out of your energy, the energy created by hitting the stone has nowhere to go or ‘run out’ and so the stone begins emitting it in a steady stream. By placing the stone upright and directing the energy now being emitted in a certain direction, say to other energised stones far away, a ley energy grid can be set up and Andrew Cowan shows how to build your own ley energy grid in ‘Ancient Energies of the Earth’.

But Cowan’s travels and his life’s work identified far more. He found that ley lines wander off-line to pass through cavities, such as a dead sheep’s skull out on the moorland, a graveyard (the graves forming cavities) as well as water in the form of small ponds or lakes. After passing through these any ley he was following would always come back on line in the direction it had originally been heading. In other words if you build a cavity you can pull ley energies to it and through it and then they will return to being ‘on line’.

Cavities can be small or large such as churches, temples, cathedrals, domes, stately homes, palaces, sporting arenas and any other kind of ‘cavity’ you can think of. Archways are also cavities of a kind. All of these will be pulling natural and man-made ley energies both to and through themselves.

Cowan had previously found that white and black energy spirals emanate from the earth in certain places. He found that white energy makes a spiral one way as it rises and that it is healthy for human beings, black energy spirals the other way and is extremely unhealthy. He had already cured a number of people from severe ailments by identifying black energy spirals coming up through their houses and even under the beds of some, through using his divining rods. By placing interlocking glass plates over these black energy spirals Cowan was able to direct them away from people’s houses/beds and within a few weeks or months they invariably made a ‘miraculous’ recovery. Cowan’s work in these areas of Geopathic Stress is of the utmost importance as exposure to black energy can cause ME (Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome), MS, Necrotosing Fasciitis, Motor Neurone Disease, Alzheimers, Epilepsy, Asthma, Rheumatism, Heart Problems, Allergies and Insomnia and Demonic Possession.

Just as the striking of a stone energises it so that it begins emitting energy, the forces unleashed by the shifting of tectonic plates deep within the earth result in the permanent emission of these good or bad energies in certain places, which can be used for good or bad purposes if one knows how.

Cowan identifies well known and lesser known leys running across the British Isles with some of the major ones having countless standing stone, megalithic and ancient ritual sites along their length.

The ancients understood exactly what they were doing.

More on this subject soon. Activating energies is of tantamount importance and we must learn how to do it to increase our leverage in this battle we’re in the midst of. Meanwhile, heightening our vibration and asserting our influence here and now is our full time obligation.

Love, Zen



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Coal and Oil exports, to developing countries are soaring.

Coal export through ports in British Columbia is expected to rise rapidly.


Coal and Oil exports, to developing countries are soaring.

coal pile

Coal export through ports in British Columbia is expected to rise rapidly. The only way to prevent this is to charge our customers, mainly Japan and Korea, the proper $30 per ton of CO2 , which the British Columbians pay. Unless other countries do the same we lose all coal business and ruin our economy. Meantime the Americans take advantage of our low income tax rates, caused by the carbon tax, to buy their coal in BC via subsidiaries and ship it through our ports. This is a plea to the environmentalists to support a myriad of politicians, organisations  and industries in the US, Australia and South Africa, who understand the problem. They could get together and pressure their governments to charge the carbon tax on exported coal. Based on 2010 figures, these three countries together supply almost 40% of the coal. Indonesia is the largest other supplier, followed…

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