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Health is not GMO”s with monsanto

New research from Canada show that BT toxins are showing up in pregnant women, and low and behold – they are killing human embryo cells. 2014 is the year of the horse, but we’re not through beating this one to death.
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Parasite Cleansing … What Happen’s to your Food?…. You eat?

 Parasite Cleansing ... What Happen's  to your Food?....  You eat?

Parasites occur not only in Third World countries or in those who have travelled extensively. Eighty-five percent of North Americans have at least one form of parasite. Some authorities believe that the true figure may be as high as 95 percent. This means no one is completely immune from parasitic infestation.

What exactly is a parasite? A parasite is defined as any organism that lives on, or in, the body of another organism. In humans, parasites will feed on our cells, the food we eat, and even on the supplements we take. They range in size from microscopic single-celled organisms to tapeworms that can be up to 12 metres in length. Regardless of the size of the parasite, all can cause damage to the human body.

Symptoms and Sources

Parasites often mimic other disorders or produce no noticeable symptoms at all. When they do cause symptoms, a wide range can be displayed. The most common symptoms include:
diarrhea and/or constipation
gas, bloating, and cramps
rectal itching
persistent skin problems
dark circles under the eyes
lack of energy
disturbed sleep
muscle cramps or joint pain
post-nasal drip
Parasites can affect tissue anywhere in the body. Many disorders have been associated with them, including arthritis, appendicitis, weight problems, cancer, and epilepsy. Parasites can enter the bloodstream, so they are able to travel to any organ in the body. This can cause problems that are often unrecognized as parasite-related and can result in an incorrect diagnosis. Parasites cause damage not only when they feed on our cells, but also when they excrete their waste in our bodies. This waste poisons the body, overworking the organs of elimination and weakening the immune system.

parasite 2

Parasites can enter the body through the mouth, the nose, or be absorbed through the skin. They can also be transmitted via insect carriers.

Because exposure to these carriers can also cause a condition known as candida (an overgrowth of yeast in the intestinal tract), candida and parasites tend to appear together.

Parasites survive best in an unhealthy internal environment. In order for our intestinal tract and colon to be healthy, there must be a balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria. Once the ideal ratio (80:20) is disrupted, the intestinal environment becomes conducive to parasite infestation. Factors that contribute to this imbalance range from drugs such as antibiotics, immune-suppressants, and steroids to a diet too high in refined carbohydrates.

Get Rid of Them!

What is the best way to get rid of parasites? First, look to your diet. As candida and parasites tend to coexist, it is wise to treat both simultaneously. This will require strict adherence to an anti-candida/parasite diet emphasizing organic vegetables and excluding refined carbohydrates, sugar in all forms, and fermented foods.

Before taking an antiparasitic supplement, make sure the bowels are working efficiently. If you are not having regular bowel movements (at least one and ideally two to three per day), you may end up reabsorbing toxins back into your system. Therefore, it is important to start with a detox program that focuses on the colon but also does some cleansing of the liver and other channels of elimination (i.e. kidneys, skin, lungs, etc.). An herbal cleanse with magnesium hydroxide, which brings water to the bowels, is most effective. This will prepare the body for the cleanse, and it will also help in reducing the die-off reaction once you start the parasite cleanse program.

The Parasite Cleanse Program

Look for an antimicrobial and antifungal cleanse kit at your local health food store that has been formulated to address parasites as well as candida. A cleanse which includes a mixture of the following herbs is best:
black walnut extract (extracted from the fresh green hull, in a liquid form)
caprylic acid
grapefruit seed/rind
wormwood extract
clove bud
garlic bulb
pau d’arco
pumpkin seed
rosemary leaf and seed
thyme leaf and seed
marshmallow root
orange peel
This herbal formulation should be taken daily for 15 days, then take a five-day break before continuing with the cleanse for another 15 days. It is important to take a break in order to kill the parasites in all stages of development

Enzymes and Fibre Help

Along with a herbal formula, there are two other necessary supplements to take when removing parasites: enzymes with hydrochloric acid and fibre. Most people with parasites have low levels of digestive enzymes and stomach acid (hydrochloric acid). These two items are the body’s natural defence against parasites contained in food and water. As parasites cannot thrive when normal levels of enzymes and hydrochloric acid are present, taking a plant-based enzyme formula with hydrochloric acid works not only to optimize digestion, but to reduce your risk for another infestation of parasites.

Taking extra fibre while on an antiparasite cleanse is important as the fibre helps to absorb and sweep out dead parasitic material and toxins. Parasite cleansing may cause a “cleansing crisis,” which can consist of headaches, nausea, and flu-like symptoms. By supplementing with fibre, you not only reduce the amount of toxins in your body but greatly reduce the unpleasant side effects. A flax-based fibre provides the recommended ratio of 50 percent soluble fibre and 50 percent insoluble fibre. This ratio allows for a good cleansing action in the colon and will not dehydrate the colon, causing constipation, as psyllium-based fibres often do.

Heal the Damage

Once you have finished the herbal cleanse, you may wish to consider some maintenance products to help heal the damage to the intestines caused by parasites. A therapeutic strength L-glutamine (at least 5,000 mg daily) can help to heal the intestinal tract lining. Taking probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidus will bring back a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract. Finally, taking an enzyme with hydrochloric acid (follow the instructions on the label) will ensure that your intestinal environment is not conducive to future parasite and candida infestation. [END]

Common Sources of Parasites
contaminated soil
contaminated fruits and vegetables
raw or rare meat
pets infested with parasites
contact with feces (e.g., through daycare centres)
polluted water
contact with someone who has parasites
About the Author
Brenda Watson, ND, CT, is a naturopathic doctor and colon therapist. President of the International Association of Colon Therapists, she is a leading authority in North America on internal cleansing

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Save For the Sole of the City and for the people. At Burrard Dry Dock North Vancouver

Save For the Sole of the City for the people.  At Burrard Dry Dock North Vancouver

Please get involved helping With The SOS Message

• The stern of the Flamborough Head is a public asset

• It’s the last remaining tangible evidence of the 300 Victory Ships built here (There are NO MORE Victory ships remaining.)

• It’s a direct connection to our past and the men and especially women who built them and thereby proving that women were capable of joining the workforce.

• It will provide an iconic landmark to attract tourists from around the world

• Once it’s scrapped it can never be replaced

We are petitioning you to  help save History and, …. To vote  for Your Vote to Count ……Save Our Say in this SOS

nv Stern2

please  click the link below  And send a ..SOS…  to,   Save our Stern and, save our sole in Heritage

Fish in our waters Need Help :]

Fish in our waters Need Help :]

Please share, the Harper government has cut over $100-million related to water protection. Time to take back by investing in local control!   fish poster


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heres  one found in Chillawack  BCfish chilliwackyellowsalmon

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