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Smell the Spring Flowers 

The gooseberry 2016 03 24  Harbourview Park  NV  garden flowers A first flower is crocus.   Crocus flowers are one of the brightest and earliest spring bloomers. Plant them in the fall and these easy-to-grow bulbs will light up your yard.2017 03 17 dc flowerswarm spring-like weather in Vancouver means many gardening enthusiasts have already got their hands dirty.

Veggies Seeds to start in March

  • Cool weather veggies go in now including:-arugula, broad beans, collards, corn salad, kale, Oriental greens, peas, radishes and spinach. Our robust veggie starts are generally in stock by early March.

Veggies Seeds to start in April

  • In addition to the above March list you can also plant:- beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots (unless we are having a colder/wetter spring) fennel, green onions, kohlrabi, lettuce, onions, parsnips, swiss chard and turnips

Borders & Flower Gardens

2014 09 26 piumkin pach in the hood in the rain

  • March is the month to feed your garden. Trees, shrubs, hedges, roses, perennials, vines, and small fruits can all be fertilized now. We stock a large selection of organic fertilizers which we know you will love! Our bulk ‘Organic Mix ‘ Fertilizer makes it easy and it is great for just about everything and is available in a large sack or in small amounts by the pound.  Not sure what to use or how?  Ask us and we will show you:)
  • Rhododendrons, azaleas, heather, camellias, hedges and other acid loving plants can be fertilized with Plant Prod ‘Ever Acid’ liquid fertilizer for lovely deep green foliage and for the acidifying that they need
  • Plant new trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, pansies, small fruits and hardy herbs. Include bonemeal, peat moss and manure or your own compost when planting and don’t forget to water new transplants frequently
  • Hold off trimming down bulbs such as tulips and daffodils until the foliage is yellowing as this process is feeding the bulb for next Spring
  • Prune summer blooming clematis back to about 3′. Leave Spring blooming varieties of clematis to prune, if necessary, after they flower as you would cut off the buds if you pruned these now
  • Prune roses when the daffodils begin to bloom (usually early to mid March) and apply ¼ cup dry Epson salts around the base and scratch it in
  • Prune Spring blooming shrubs such as Forsythia, magnolia and lilac after flowering
  • Weed gardens before the weeds have a chance to flower and go to seed
  • Compost or manure can be added to flower beds now
  • Purchase summer flowering bulbs, roots, and tubers such as dahlias, lilies, hostas, glads and plant as packages recommend.  Generally the winter hardy types like lilies and hostas are planted after March 1st and non-winter hardy types like dahlias and glads are planted after April 1st.  Begonias are started indoors from February on but do not get transplanted outdoors until after Mother’s Day (same as most annuals)
  • This is the time of year that the large shipments of new plants arrive and there is just about always something new at the Garden Centre!

Lawn Caregar big lawn

  • Control Moss in lawns if necessary (You will need two days of dry weather after it has been applied)
  • Thatch lawn to remove thatch in older lawns and dead moss in lawns recently treated with moss control. (10 days after moss control)
  • Lime lawns in preparation for fertilizing about two weeks later
  • Feed lawn with a good quality Spring fertilizer.  We like BC made Garden Pro 32-4-8 as it is made for our specific growing conditions
  • Pull dandelions and other weeds from lawn before they flower and make new seeds

Ensure plants used in  gardens will provide visual enjoyment all year long and meet the the sizes set out are set out front to back where visibility is a concern

plant right tree place aplusIn the garden.Garden accents can take the form of some serious statuary or be as delicate as a glass wind chime. Big or small, I believe such accents give the viewer information just as my card Does

My APlus Gardening music notes yp

A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping
has been Working on the North Shore 25 years
In North Vancouver And West Vancouver and the GVRD

A-Plus Lawn and Garden does it professionally with all the Good tools and experience that is needed.
From -Lawn care to Tree topping, Pruning trees and Shrubs & Trimming hedges. also paving stones …. pathways and retaining walls.
Drainage and Ponds, Sprinkler systems & Rubbish Removal

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Spring Sunshine In North Vancouver

✬ ¯`•.¸¸ღ ❥ Flowers And Blooming ❥ღ¯`•.¸¸✬

Last Week of Clouds changes When Growth Is Faster with Sun this week

And April is a new change In warm weather as the lawn start to grow

when your lawn needs a hero

Chafer Beetles Destroyed Your Lawn?

Some of the most extensive lawn damage we’ve seen lately has been courtesy of the invasive chafer beetle. With grubs feeding on grass roots throughout much of the year, lawns can quickly become wilted and brown as they struggle to acquire much-needed nutrients and water. Above ground, birds and small mammals act as mini roto-tillers as they search out a meal of grubs. The end result of chafer beetle infection is often wide sections of lawn, damaged beyond repair.

2016 03 23 crow beatle bug dig mess spring lawn garden aplus

By amending their existing soil with a quality topsoil to improve the nutritional quality and structure of their soil – the better to support a beautiful lawn!.

Some lawns may also benefit from the addition of garden lime, as heavy concentrations of weeds and moss are one signal that your soil may be too acidic. Learn more about what garden lime is and when you should consider using before applying lime to your lawn.

Keep grass healthy, long to ward off chafer beetles

letting grass grow to combat chafer beetle infestations.

“The adults in the summer have to lay their eggs into the turf grass, and if the turf is thin or if the grass is very short then they have no problem getting their ovipositors [organ used to lay eggs] into the grass,”

More on chafer beetles in B.C.
“If your lawn is mossy or thin, or if you over water, over fertilize that makes the grass really soft, really easy to rip up, so those kinds of things make lawns susceptible to chafer beetle.

“Really if the grass is healthy and the roots are deep and your grass isn’t cut too short, then chafer beetle is not a big problem.”

Lawn mower Storage tips.

Lawn mower Storage tips.lawn mower hot

Mower mechanics

Gas mowers are like little, simple automobiles, and the things you learn here could even be the first steps in learning how to take care of your own car. Some of the basics are similar.

Before doing anything else, remove the spark plug caps and unscrew the plug(s). This will prevent the mower from having any chance of starting accidentally while you’re tinkering with a belt or blade. Be sure to cover the open sparkplug hole(s) with lint-free cloth rags to prevent cylinder-damaging debris from dropping in. If plugs are worn, just replace ’em — they’re pretty cheap. Use an anti-seize compound on the threads so that you can replace them later without pulling a muscle or ruining the threads in the cylinder head. You might even keep a couple of spares on hand. Buy plugs that are pre-gapped for your engine — your owner’s manual will indicate the appropriate gap.

when your lawn needs a hero

If you didn’t drain your gas last fall before putting the mower away for the winter, do that now — stale gas makes a mower hard to start and difficult to keep running.

If the mower has a separate oil reservoir (and you didn’t change the oil in the fall), drain it and replace it with fresh. Check the owner’s manual, but most four-stroke engines take 30-weight oil. Check the oil and gas before running the mower each time. Note that old two-stroke engines will require mixing the oil and gas before putting it in the gas tank because they don’t have a separate oil reservoir.

Most mowers are air-cooled, so take the time to clean the gunk out from between the heat sink fins — you can use a dowel, stick, screwdriver, compressed air, etc. — and it will increase the life of your engine; too much heat causes extra wear and tear.

Take out the air filter and give it a going over every 25 hours or so of mowing — if it’s ragged or really dirty, replace it, otherwise clean it by tapping it on something to get the worst of the dust out and then stick it back in place. Make sure the housing and cover are clean before closing everything up. Often, wiping them with a damp (not wet) rag will handle this.

If you have a self-propelled model, it might be a good idea to take a moment to look at the belt and replace it if it’s cracked or worn.

Read more:

gar big lawn
A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping
has been Working on the North Shore 25 years
In North Vancouver And West Vancouver and the GVRD

A-Plus Lawn and Garden does it professionally with all the Good
tools and experience that is needed.
From -Lawn care to Tree topping, Pruning trees and Shrubs & Trimming
hedges. also paving stones Pathways and retaining walls.
Drainage and Ponds, Sprinkler systems & Rubbish Removal, Power Washing

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Fall cleanup is a must for snow




Happy October From Me Rob @ A-Plus

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The  strait cut like mine here  in fall always looks  nice.  :]

2014 09 27 Aplus lawn cut


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October leaf's did  you rake them up?... or did you leaf them because they look so good?

October leaf’s did you rake them up?… or did you leaf them because they look so good?



Tree Talk


There are no doubts that coast redwood is the tallest tree species on Earth. This might be lucky (for coast redwood) coincidence – in recent past there were coast Douglas firs (in United States and Canada) and eucalypts (in Australia) of comparable height and possibly higher, but these trees were ruthlessly cut. Nowadays there are known many hundreds of coast redwoods exceeding the height of 100m… and no trees of other species exceeding this height.
Tallest and largest known tree was Lindsey Creek tree (Fieldbrook, California), uprooted by storm in 1905. This tree was 118.9 m tall, diameter could reach 11.6 m.Garden tree advice

It is believed that if there was a Robin Hood, he and his merry men took shelter under this tree, and even inside its trunk, when Sherwood Forest was much larger and easy to disappear into. It is at least 800 years old, and maybe 1,000, making its use by people of Robin Hood’s time possible. It would have already stood close to its present size by that time. major oak sherwood

The oldest known olive tree on Earth, with a tree ring age of at least 2,000 years. Carbon daters have estimated it to be about 4,000 years old, and it still produces tasty olives today. It is 15 feet thick at the base, is not particularly tall, as olive trees go, but is, quite literally, gnarly. Totally gnarly. The trunk is magnificently swirled, knotted, and bulbousOlive tree
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10 Tips to make you a better gardener

07 11  garden jobs   are u wasted recording studio (13)

1. Let all your planning ahead be for your plants; 
a year ahead for annuals, two years ahead for the biennials, an indefinite number of years ahead 
for the trees. — Christopher Lloyd

2. Walk through your garden to scout for insects and diseases at least once per week; caught early, problems are easier to treat. — Stephen Westcott-Gratton

3. Try to get a plant in the right place the first time around. Given the proper conditions, the plant will be happy and you’ll save yourself a lot of transplanting work.
— Karen York

4. Never plant trees that will become large with age too close to your 
house. — Stephen Westcott-Gratton

5. Consider your garden private territory. Critics are not welcome! Be honest about 
what you want, and don’t be concerned with what others may 
see. If you like woody plants, design a four-season shrub border. Besotted with peonies? Make 
a peony walk. Grow plenty of what you love; you don’t need an excuse 
for excess. Are there ever too 
many rose petals? — Judith Adam

6. Set your lawn mower blades at 7.5 centimetres or higher, and allow your 
lawn to go dormant during periods of drought. — Stephen Westcott-Gratton

7. Light in a garden is a quarter of the battle. Another quarter is the soil of the garden. A third quarter is the skill and care of the gardener. The fourth quarter is luck. Indeed, one might 
say that these were the four Ls of gardening, in the following order of importance: Loam, Light, Love and Luck. — Beverley Nichols

8. Don’t be afraid of change. Gardens, and gardeners, are always evolving. It’s part of the process 
so step in boldly and revamp that rockery, yank out those overgrown shrubs or transform that border into a veggie garden, a pond, 
a knot garden—wherever your imagination takes you. — Karen York

9. Always spend five minutes doing some warm up stretches and bends before undertaking strenuous garden work, and never do one task for too long at a time. — Stephen Westcott-Gratton

10. Climbers are among the most useful plants in any garden. They take up little ground space, and they can be employed for many purposes: to clothe a boring fence, to scramble over a dead tree, to frame an archway, to drape a wall, to disguise a shed, or to climb lightly onto a pergola. They demand comparatively little attention, once they have taken hold of their support, maybe a yearly pruning or a kindly rescue if they have come adrift in a gale. — Vita Sackville-West

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A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping 25 years In North Vancouver And West Vancouver…
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Power is in the tree.

Power is in the tree.

1928 James Crookall [and friend H. Morris] on motorcycle bikes in Big Hollow Tree Stanly Park from Vancouver Archives.

A healthy community forest begins with careful planning. With a little research and a simple layout, you can produce a landscape that will cool your home in summer and tame the winter winds. Your well-planned yard will contain trees that grow well in the soil and moisture of your neighborhood. Your trees will be properly placed to avoid collisions with power lines and buildings, and the aesthetics will increase your property value.

A proper landscape plan takes each tree into consideration:

Height. Will the tree bump into anything when it is fully grown?

A guide
Canopy spread. How wide will the tree grow?
Is the tree deciduous or coniferous? (Will it lose its leaves in the winter?)
Form or shape. A columnar tree will grow in less space. Round and V-Shaped species provide the most shade.
Growth rate. How long will it take for your tree to reach its full height? Slow growing species typically live longer than fast growing species.
Soil, sun, and moisture requirements.
Fruit. No one wants messy droppings on busy sidewalks.
Hardiness zone indicates the temperature extremes in which a tree can be expected to grow. For the purposes of this quiz hardiness zone considerations have been disregarded. Check with your community’s tree board or forestry department or a local county cooperative extension agent for a list of trees suitable for planting in your specific hardiness zone.

plant right tree place aplus

While you probably think about planting trees , you may not know just how much of an impact tree planting can have on your lawn and energy consumption as well as the environment.

Trees can provide shade for your home and lawn as well as a barrier against cold winter winds. They also filter water and air to reduce soil erosion and greenhouse gases. And did you know that trees have also been shown to reduce stress? Many urban residents find themselves calmer and happier when they are around trees.

But can all these benefits of planting trees actually be seen in your yard? Learn more about sustainable gardening and how your landscaping choices can make a lasting impact.

See more info here
A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping 25 years In North Vancouver And West Vancouver…
Rob Heesterman 604 929 3017 … is The Top Dog at A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping
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