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Focused thoughts for you, to Focus the Energy


2015 02 16 Mexico Akumal sunrise nicon

Energy flows where attention goes. Focused your thoughts to focus the energy, and energy moves energy.

Thoughts don’t make things happen. Focused thoughts are what make things happen.

To put it very simply, thoughts generate mental waves that influence emotional waves that influence physical waves that result in physical experience.

In terms of health, thoughts cause emotions that cause physical reactions that may result in health or illness, depending on the degree of focus of the thoughts and the strength and duration of the emotions. The physical reactions may be resistance causing stress that inhibits the natural healing process, or relaxation and action that stimulates the healing process.

In terms of relationships, thoughts about other people may cause emotions of fear and anger or love and compassion that may cause physical reactions of avoidance or violence or connection and and cooperation.

You could examine any other area of human endeavor and see the same thing happening. People don’t take physical action until they are moved to do so by emotions that are generated by thoughts.



Happiness can be, essentially, a state of mind, or a particular outlook on life. But often times we can observe how our mind is affected by what goes on around us, sometimes by things which do not matter that much. Nonetheless, we get sucked into thinking that it matters a lot. Thus, our thoughts and consciousness become absorbed in negativity, which can greatly affect our disposition, or the way we relate to people, and pave the way for a less than happy future

Think of plans that can assist the whole of humanity. Raise your level of consciousness. To understand that you are a co-creator is to be in harmony with the universe, acting as a servant of and co-worker with the Divine. If you fail to appreciate this reality, you can become destructive and are responsible for causing even more chaos in society or disharmony in your life.

We all have that special place to Go     (❥ˆ◡ˆ)ღ¨ •○๑۩

2014 pne Lions Gate Sunset and Vancouver North Shore Lynnterm


I like to place Post-It notes with positive quotes on my computer, fridge door, and mirror as reminders to stay positive. Also, I’d like to share with you a quote by an unknown author that was shared in a meditation class that I attended:

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Happy positive thinking!

10 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts: Positive Thinking Made Easy

(❥ˆ◡ˆ)ღ¨ from the Garden  •○๑۩

My APlus Gardening music notes yp


The change in the Air Should be waking us up. ❀

Geoengineering is the most important topic we can discuss, and the most vital one upon which to focus a great deal of our activist energies.  Land of the Dying of the trees Gmo And Chemtrails

gmo usa play  GMO Feeding Time

Thrive on April 2015 Foster Gamble of THRIVE, answers intimate questions and shares innermost thoughts and insights into the THRIVE movement on Geoengineering

Bank news


I see a lot of people laughing this off. But you better realize that this is all too real. Wake up before it’s too late.

the truth denied eye

There is a tear in my Eye as I see a jet trail in the Sky

Vancouver Canada  Sky    from flickr

Vancouver Canada Sunset Sky

500 Sky

❀ “Not Exactly Gardening” ❀   But our gardens are Fine now, so how long will it take till there not?

2014  Deep Cove   Ironworkers  Bridge Vancouver BC

2014 Deep Cove Ironworkers Bridge Vancouver BC

The whole world needs to get their act together instead of words and posturing!

2015 10 13  Cates Park   Ironworkers Bridge Vancouver Canada

2015 10 13 Cates Park Ironworkers Bridge
Vancouver Canada

Actions must speak louder than words

Lost Power

SIMUSHIR lost power

SIMUSHIR….  Lost Power

A container ship that left Everett, Washington, bound for Russia, lost power Thursday night off the coast of Haida Gwaii.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) in Victoria confirmed they received a call at 11:21 p.m. on Thursday that a Russian deep see bulk carrier was adrift in the ocean.

The ship is currently about nine miles off the coast of Haida Gwaii, at the southeast end of the island.

Called the Simushir, there are 11 crew members on board. The JRCC said the vessel master has sustained an unknown injury and they are sending a helicopter to rescue him.

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bc  2014 ships floating

and lets just think about the meaning of powerwile  These ancient structures were built with hidden technology for many purposes but energy seems to be the main agenda


These ancient structures were built with hidden technology for many purposes but energy seems to be the main agenda.

The price of food on GMO Products

I hope We all had a good thanksgiving :]
2014 10 09 pumkin garden1 s tag thanksgiving

Family and Friends Need to stick Together

2014 09 29  We are all conected by the air we breathe  flag

And when it comes to the “Crap”  Everyone should stick together

gmo usa play  GMO Feeding Time

Over half of US states are now plagued by agrochemically-induced superweeds.  An industry sponsored study of pesticide use predicts that by 2016, nearly a billion pounds of these toxic chemicals will be poured on US soils.

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gmo corn

these petrochemicals have also been linked to human birth defects. Where “Roundup Ready soy is being cultivated on a massive scale,” reports Dr. Mercola, “widespread reports exist of immediate illness defects from massive glyphosate spraying operations.”

GMO's and consistently eating locally produced produce would be a viable option, until then... You do what you have to do to keep food on the table

The project is led by 33 global partner companies of the World Economic Forum who provide strategic leadership and championship of the initiative. These include:

AGCO Corporation, Anheuser-Busch InBev, A.P. Møller-Maersk, BASF SE, Bayer CropScience AG, Bunge Limited, Cargill Incorporated, Carlsberg, CF Industries Holdings Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, Diageo Plc., DuPont, General Mills Inc., HEINEKEN, International Finance Corporation, Mondelez International, Monsanto Company, The Mosaic Company, Nestlé SA, Novozymes, OCP Group, PepsiCo Inc., Rabobank International, Royal DSM, SABMiller, Sinar Mas Agribusiness & Food, Swiss Reinsurance Company, Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Unilever, United Phosphorus Ltd, Wilmar International Limited, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., and Yara International ASA.

A diverse network of global and local stakeholders are engaged in initiative activities, including governments, international organisations, civil society, farmers organisations, research and academia. The Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Food Security, a high-level multi-stakeholder group, provides advisory and leadership support to the initiative.


So live by the good life standards. Its actually called Morals & Love and to treat others with kindness and caring , and hope that they will treat you in the same way , and to do no harm, and that means mentally & physically to all humans , animals and our earth. hippiepece
…. And we have done so much harm to all of these things that soon there will be no turning back because our morals have flown out the window, and it has all boiled down to greed and corruption out of the human race, period ,it has nothing to do with race , religion or any other crap.bankers


“If we don’t do it as a team then you will learn to do it by yourself.”

We must do or not do what we can!

help for all


I for one am looking forward to a beautiful future where good things happen to good people and The POWER OF LOVE overcomes THE Love of power…..

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10 Tips to make you a better gardener

07 11  garden jobs   are u wasted recording studio (13)

1. Let all your planning ahead be for your plants; 
a year ahead for annuals, two years ahead for the biennials, an indefinite number of years ahead 
for the trees. — Christopher Lloyd

2. Walk through your garden to scout for insects and diseases at least once per week; caught early, problems are easier to treat. — Stephen Westcott-Gratton

3. Try to get a plant in the right place the first time around. Given the proper conditions, the plant will be happy and you’ll save yourself a lot of transplanting work.
— Karen York

4. Never plant trees that will become large with age too close to your 
house. — Stephen Westcott-Gratton

5. Consider your garden private territory. Critics are not welcome! Be honest about 
what you want, and don’t be concerned with what others may 
see. If you like woody plants, design a four-season shrub border. Besotted with peonies? Make 
a peony walk. Grow plenty of what you love; you don’t need an excuse 
for excess. Are there ever too 
many rose petals? — Judith Adam

6. Set your lawn mower blades at 7.5 centimetres or higher, and allow your 
lawn to go dormant during periods of drought. — Stephen Westcott-Gratton

7. Light in a garden is a quarter of the battle. Another quarter is the soil of the garden. A third quarter is the skill and care of the gardener. The fourth quarter is luck. Indeed, one might 
say that these were the four Ls of gardening, in the following order of importance: Loam, Light, Love and Luck. — Beverley Nichols

8. Don’t be afraid of change. Gardens, and gardeners, are always evolving. It’s part of the process 
so step in boldly and revamp that rockery, yank out those overgrown shrubs or transform that border into a veggie garden, a pond, 
a knot garden—wherever your imagination takes you. — Karen York

9. Always spend five minutes doing some warm up stretches and bends before undertaking strenuous garden work, and never do one task for too long at a time. — Stephen Westcott-Gratton

10. Climbers are among the most useful plants in any garden. They take up little ground space, and they can be employed for many purposes: to clothe a boring fence, to scramble over a dead tree, to frame an archway, to drape a wall, to disguise a shed, or to climb lightly onto a pergola. They demand comparatively little attention, once they have taken hold of their support, maybe a yearly pruning or a kindly rescue if they have come adrift in a gale. — Vita Sackville-West

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A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping

Power is in the tree.

Power is in the tree.

1928 James Crookall [and friend H. Morris] on motorcycle bikes in Big Hollow Tree Stanly Park from Vancouver Archives.

A healthy community forest begins with careful planning. With a little research and a simple layout, you can produce a landscape that will cool your home in summer and tame the winter winds. Your well-planned yard will contain trees that grow well in the soil and moisture of your neighborhood. Your trees will be properly placed to avoid collisions with power lines and buildings, and the aesthetics will increase your property value.

A proper landscape plan takes each tree into consideration:

Height. Will the tree bump into anything when it is fully grown?

A guide
Canopy spread. How wide will the tree grow?
Is the tree deciduous or coniferous? (Will it lose its leaves in the winter?)
Form or shape. A columnar tree will grow in less space. Round and V-Shaped species provide the most shade.
Growth rate. How long will it take for your tree to reach its full height? Slow growing species typically live longer than fast growing species.
Soil, sun, and moisture requirements.
Fruit. No one wants messy droppings on busy sidewalks.
Hardiness zone indicates the temperature extremes in which a tree can be expected to grow. For the purposes of this quiz hardiness zone considerations have been disregarded. Check with your community’s tree board or forestry department or a local county cooperative extension agent for a list of trees suitable for planting in your specific hardiness zone.

plant right tree place aplus

While you probably think about planting trees , you may not know just how much of an impact tree planting can have on your lawn and energy consumption as well as the environment.

Trees can provide shade for your home and lawn as well as a barrier against cold winter winds. They also filter water and air to reduce soil erosion and greenhouse gases. And did you know that trees have also been shown to reduce stress? Many urban residents find themselves calmer and happier when they are around trees.

But can all these benefits of planting trees actually be seen in your yard? Learn more about sustainable gardening and how your landscaping choices can make a lasting impact.

See more info here
A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping 25 years In North Vancouver And West Vancouver…
Rob Heesterman 604 929 3017 … is The Top Dog at A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping
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Exposing The Global Elite they have internet with pics of us all over it I

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