Keep The Tree Happy

Keep The Tree  Happy

The Seven Sisters Stanley Park

Trees that shed their leaves annually are classified as deciduous. Before getting out your hand pruners, learn some basics about the anatomy, or supporting framework, of a deciduous tree.

The above-ground part of a tree consists of the trunk, scaffold branches, and lateral branches. The leader is the vertical stem at the top of the trunk. Scaffold branches are primary limbs that form a tree’s canopy. Secondary branches that emerge from scaffold branches are laterals. Growth comes from buds at the tips of branches (terminal buds), or along branch sides (lateral buds).pruneing

Water sprouts and suckers are two types of vigorous shoot growth generally considered undesirable. Water sprouts occur along branches, usually at pruning sites. Suckers grow from the trunk or roots.

Pruning at different seasons triggers different responses. Late winter or early spring, before bud break, is a good time to prune many species because callus tissue forms rapidly. When pruning flowering trees, take care not to cut off flower buds. Some trees, such as cherry, plum, and crabapple, form buds on old wood. Others, such as crape myrtle, bloom on new wood.

Summer pruning tends to suppress growth of both suckers and foliage. Late summer or early fall pruning causes vigorous regrowth, which in some species may not harden off by winter, leading to possible cold damage. Whenever unexpected damage from vandalism or bad weather occurs, prune immediately … or contact me :]

A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping
has been Working on the North Shore 25 years
In North Vancouver And West Vancouver and the GVRD

A-Plus Lawn and Garden does it professionally with all the Good tools and experience that is needed.

From -Lawn care to Tree topping, Pruning trees and Shrubs & Trimming hedges. also paving stones Pathways and retaining walls.
Drainage and Ponds, Sprinkler systems & Rubbish Removal.



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About aplusgardener

I have been in A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping North And West Vancouver BC Gardening And landscaping for 25 years on the north shore of Vancouver Canada doing all types of residential and commercial jobs lawn cutting to tree topping,paving stones and retaining walls. hedges and pruning, Drainage And Rubbish Removal. I have all the equipment for doing a good Professional job At a good price call A-Plus Gardening & Landscaping in Vancouver BC

One response to “Keep The Tree Happy”

  1. Dianemarie says :

    Thank you for going to my blog. I live in central Florida and I am a believer in Chemtrail’s. I have seen enough of them as this area is ravaged by them. You can see them hanging in the sky for hours unlike airplane jet streams which go away in much less time. Our old huge oak trees are drying. Spanish moss is growing at a much faster rate helping to destroy tress, bushes, and shrubs. So sad – so how much of this aluminum, barium is going into our water and soil???


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