Lynn Valley In North Vancouver BC

A major Intersection In Lynn Valley North Vancouver BC

lv center

Lynn Valley Road & Mountain Highway
in Lynn Valley Centre, North Vancouver.

Lynn Valley Road
This Where I went to get my penny candy.. Two big hunks of double bubble for a Penny In the old days when we walked a mile to spend 25 cents

Brier block Lynn Valley 1970

Brier block Lynn Valley 1970

 Mountain Highway LV Center Gas

Mountain Highway LV Center Gas

The old gas station  was there before me

The Brier Block

The Brier Block

 Brier block store

Brier block store

This was When I was just a kid

LV strip mall 1970s

LV strip mall 1970s

Enjoying the Rides and having a good time

LV Westlynn Mall fair

Fun Rides in the 70s

How it looks in the air

Westlynn Mall Lynn Valley

❀ In the air the old Mall ❀

And how the area looks now

2015 11 11 27th & Mountain highway, Lynn Valley

2015 27th & Mountain Highway, Lynn Valley

2015 11 11 lv mtn highway dev

2015 May N Vancouver LV center Mountians

2015 May N Vancouver LV center Mountians

2015 11 06 N Vancouver Black Bear Pub

2015 03 24 Save on LV garden

❀  The gardens are well kept  ❀

2015 10 30 LV Road fall Maple Leaf Garden stop

2015 October LV Road Maple Leaf Garden stop

on the way to the Mall

LV totem pole 2014 May ❀ Flowers

❀ 2014 The May Flowers ❀

2015 09 29 LV Garden sign

2015 September LV Garden

lv sign

Mountain Highway 2014

Enjoy Yourself  in Lynn Valley

2015 01 14 Vancouver Sunsett from LV Baker Mountian highrise Ufo Bird
A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping
North And West Vancouver BC For 25 Years


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About aplusgardener

I have been in A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping North And West Vancouver BC Gardening And landscaping for 25 years on the north shore of Vancouver Canada doing all types of residential and commercial jobs lawn cutting to tree topping,paving stones and retaining walls. hedges and pruning, Drainage And Rubbish Removal. I have all the equipment for doing a good Professional job At a good price call A-Plus Gardening & Landscaping in Vancouver BC

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