Big Sugar live “All Hell for a Basement” “Alberta Tar Sands” Rock and Roll Song!

Big Sugar with Very Powerful Rock $ Roll

When I first heard Big Sugar & Gordie Johnston, play this song… la la la … I was hooked on his guitar style …check that Line yes!
When it gets distorted for it is full of ripe notes?

There must be a better way
For Alberta to make money and ❤ … than Facking the cooking Sand :[


Large-scale layoffs, empty office towers, falling house prices: Alberta has been gutted by the glut.


The oilsands industry currently emits about 70 megatonnes of greenhouse gases, but based on exceptions to the cap the number is closer to 60 megatonnes, Collyer said.

Those exemptions include the electricity portion of co-generation, as well as experimental and enhanced recovery operations. Upgraders that started after 2015 will be subject to a separate 10 megatonne cap.

Alberta should “get with the program” and move away from oil and gas.   Kinder Morgan is the only Canadian pipeline that transports “batches” of petroleum products — crude one day, gasoline the next, maybe bitumen after than. This unique variety, and the fact that it’s the only coastal pipeline, makes B.C. heavily dependent on Alberta’s complex industry.

Braid: In pipeline dispute, Alberta has ways to get tough with B.C.


the Slip Slide we don’t want …


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